Manage your cash – the izi way

 How iziCash compliments SA’s cash cycle.

R135 billion circulates in South Africa at any given time.  While South Africa is largely a cash centric country, the cash cycle remains a crucial part of our economy. 

Industry players are continuously assessing and exploring ways to optimise the cash processes – with efficiency, reliability and security in mind.

Here’s how iziCash compliments our cash cycle:

iziCash can collect cash from or deliver to a retailer’s business, 7 days a week (including public holidays).

Cash deposits (collections) are processed at the iziCash Cash Centre 7 days a week (including Public Holidays) and cash orders (deliveries) are processed and packaged 5 days a week.

While understanding that cash flow is the lifeblood of a retail business, iziCash will settle payments to clients 5 days a week.  With efficient and streamlined cash management crucial to ensuring a healthy cash flow, IziCash will provide detailed reconciliation of cash deposits and circulate to clients within 24 hours after being processed at the cash centre.

The services provided by iziCash for the entire cash cycle are underwritten with the required end-to-end cash insurance policies.  Clients have the choice to use their own insurance or to make use of the IziCash Insurance products which are tailor-made for the cash cycle.

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Note the difference.