IziCash Solutions - Security Focus Africa Cover story

iziCash is one of South Africa’s leading cash solutions companies and is highly recommended by a substantial blue-chip client database.

Based in Gauteng in South Africa, iziCash provides a secure, end-to-end cash management service that includes cash-in-transit (CIT) collections and deliveries, ATM management, cash supply and processing, armed escort services, as well as cash insurance.

iziCash has entered the market in early 2016 to offer an alternative option to their target market in a consolidated CIT industry which offers very limited options from the service providers.

The only cash management company in South Africa that uses the world renowned Transtrack software platform to manage the entire cash cycle for its clients from start to finish, iziCash is able to tailor its extensive cash service offering to suit the business requirements of each of its clients, from cash supply, cash-in-transit (CIT) collections and deliveries, to cash processing and settlements.

These include an electronic “track-and-trace” capability, improved efficiencies around security and cash flow, and system optimisation, which make it possible for clients to focus on running their businesses with complete peace of mind.

iziCash takes pride that it is also the only cash management company in South Africa that is not in direct competition with, but serves as a partner and an accredited vendor for the Electronic Safe (Device) manufacturers; which include G4S Deposita, Cash Connect, PaySolutions, CCMS, CashAccSys, Haneel, CashNET Logistics and Umnotho Cash Services.

“Our partner network allows us to integrate industry leading technology‚ cash management services and secure transportation to provide the cash services for our clients,” says Erasmus. He says that the benefits of the integrated cash logistics solutions provided by iziCash include:

  • Faster deposit credit
  • Direct cost savings through operational improvements
  • Less time is spent on cash handling
  • Reduced losses with a tailor-made insurance solution to underwrite your total risk

iziCash also offers its clients access to comprehensive, tailor-made insurance policies in collaboration with some of South Africa’s leading insurers and underwriters.

The company, which services a range of sectors from retail and wholesale to education, mining, tourism, financial institutions, and government departments, offers an array of cash management and logistics services that include:

Cash-in-Transit (CIT) Collections and Deliveries

“Our armoured vehicles are built according to the minimum required specifications of the South African cash-in-transit industry,” says Erasmus. “They are robust and secure with the backing of constant surveillance by our National Control Centre and the SAPS (South African Police Service) Joint Operations Centre.”

“We take pride in the fact that our personnel are only appointed after meeting our very own stringent vetting standards – which include experience, skills, aptitude, attitude and most importantly – security clearance,” says Erasmus.


  • Convenient, secure collection and delivery of cash and valuables
  • Reduces cash risk on-site and improves the safety of our clients and their staff
  • Reduces the exposure of uninsured cash
  • Possible reductions in insurance premiums
  • Possible reductions in bank charges and potential to earn more interest

Cash Management and Cash Supply

IziCash’s note and coin processing solutions assist retailers to process payments more efficiently. “Our Cash Centres offer the necessary expertise, advanced facilities and trained staff to process large volumes of payments with the security, speed and accuracy demanded by today’s retailers” says Erasmus.


  • Competitive Cash Deposit Fees.
  • Cash Centres process cash 7 days a week, therefore zero delays.
  • Daily payments and settlements
  • Reconciliations on cash deposits within 24 hours.

Furthermore, IziCash supplies cash (notes and coins) to retailers and businesses in demand for cash for their fast-paced trading environment. This service is available 7 days a week.

Cash and Asset Insurance

iziCash offers comprehensive Cash Insurance to clients who request this service.

This is done in collaboration with their appointed Insurance Brokers and the products are underwritten by Polygon Underwriters (Pty) Ltd and Generic Insurance Company (Pty) Ltd.

ATM Management

iziCash ATM Services help reduce risk, optimise cash levels and maximise transaction volume. iziCash’s trained ATM service personnel and armoured vehicles replenish machine cash, balance the cash in the machines, and report on the settlement data with consolidated electronic reporting.

iziCash also provides or manages First Line Maintenance (FLM).


  • Reduce ATM maintenance costs
  • Improve settlement speed and accuracy
  • Optimise ATM availability
  • Tracking and evaluation of service levels

Armed Escort Services

“We’re excited for the growing demand for armed escort services” Erasmus notes. This service includes integrated protection and support for companies that transport valuable and vulnerable goods, such as precious metals, electronic equipment, or fine art.

Where to find iziCash:

iziCash predominantly operates within the Gauteng, North West Province and Mpumalanga regions. While they are working hard to perfect their service offering in their current operation network, iziCash is gradually expanding its footprint into new regions, where its clients require its cash and armed escort services.

To enquire about the cash services provided by iziCash contact us on 010 – 595 9421 or email us at info@izicash.co.za