Cash Management

Cash Management: Processing of cash deposits and the supply of cash orders, daily floats and payroll services.

Cash Supply

iziCash supplies cash (notes and coins) to retailers and other business that are in constant demand for cash. This service is available 7 days and week.

Cash is supplied in 2 basic formats:

  • EFT (24 hours in advance)
  • Cash4Cash swop out (48 – 72 hours in advance)

Cash Processing

iziCash’s note and coin processing solutions allow for quick and efficient payment processes – assisting retailers with speedy settlements for their fast-paced trading environment. 

The iziCash cash centres in Gauteng offer the necessary expertise, advanced facilities and trained staff to process large volumes of payments with the security, speed and accuracy demanded by today’s retailers.

Sophisticated and first-class counting machines are used to meet minimum industry specifications.

At iziCash we use the Trans Track Cash Centre Module as our operations software; and is therefore the only CIT company is South Africa to track and manage the cash throughout the entire cash cycle – from cash supply, cash-in-transit (CIT) collections and deliveries, to cash processing and settlements

Detailed reconciliation of cash deposits is circulated to customers within 24 hours after being processed in our Cash Centre.

How you benefit from having your cash processed by iziCash:

  • Possible reduction in Cash Deposit Fees.
  • Cash Centres process cash 7 days a week, therefore zero delays.
  • Payments and Settlements take place daily – Monday to Saturday.
  • Reconciliations on Cash Deposits within 24 hours.