Cash Logistics

Cash Logistics: Cash-in-Transit (CIT) collections and deliveries.

iziCash has been the safe and secure choice in Gauteng since 2016.

As Gauteng’s leading retail cash solutions company, we have the expertise and experience to provide efficient and secure cash logistic services that can be tailored to meet the requirements of each of our customers.



This service includes (but are not limited to) the collection or delivery of a cash consignment to or from your premises. This cash consignment could be either notes or coins or a combination of the two. These services are carried out by security professionals, who have undergone specialised training to meet the required high industry standards. 

Our armoured vehicles are built according to the minimum required specifications of the South African Cash-in-Transit industry.  These vehicles are sophisticated, secure and are under constant surveillance by our National Control Centre and the SAPS Joint Operations Centre.

Our personnel are only appointed after meeting our own stringent vetting standards. Specific focus on experience, skills, aptitude, attitude and most importance – security clearance.

The benefits of allowing iziCash to transport your cash

  • The convenient collection and delivery of cash, saving you time and money
  • A reduction in risk and improved safety for your customers and staff
  • Reduce the exposure of uninsured cash losses
  • Possible reductions in your insurance premiums
  • Possible reductions in your bank charges and the potential to earn more interest
  • Transporting cash and valuables needs to be performed within a secure framework. 

iziCash is the only South African cash management company that uses Transtrack to manage the entire cash cycle – from cash supply, cash-in-transit (CIT) collections and deliveries, to cash processing and settlements. This accurate means to track cash in an end to end cycle, improves efficiencies and optimises and streamlines every stage in the cash logistics process.

An invaluable spin-off is that safety and security around cash handling is greatly enhanced, which provides retailers, their staff and their customers with peace of mind, in addition to the bottom-line benefits of world-class business practices.