the izi way to track your cash

iziCash is the safe and secure choice for cash logistics and cash management for retailers and cash-driven businesses since 2016. 

Our Story

iziCash has been operating and providing cash management and logistics services since January 2016.  As cash management specialists‚ we are qualified to provide uniquely integrated retail cash solutions with the aim to boost the bottom line for our clients’ businesses.

Our partner network allows us to integrate industry leading technology‚ cash management services and secure transportation to provide the cash services for our clients.

The benefits of our integrated cash logistics solutions include:

      • Faster deposit credit, for speedy settlements
      • Direct cost savings through operational improvements
      • Less time is spent on cash handling
      • Reduced losses with a tailor-made insurance solution to underwrite your total risk

As the specialists in improving operating cash flow‚ we remove the worry and allow you to focus on the essential things – running your business.

Our Mission Statement:

At iziCash, our purpose is to strive for exceptional quality, innovation, value, and client satisfaction.

We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs through integrated solutions, developing and training staff and treating everyone with respect, while enhancing our shareholder value, as well as making a meaningful contribution to our community.

We pride ourselves in our values which drive us to Inspire, Innovate and be Involved.

Why iziCash?

      • With few options in the CIT market, IziCash is a new alternative with excellent client references
      • Our service transparency is backed with an electronic Track-and-Trace capability
      • We provide an immediate reduction in risk and improved cash flow
      • We are an accredited service provider to all Automated Cash Vault suppliers and manufacturers

We offer the complete end-to-end range in retail cash management products and services.

The izi way to track your cash:

iziCash is the only South African cash management company which integrates the renowned Transtrack software to manage the entire cash cycle for its clients.  This secure tracking feature allows our clients to track their cash from the cash supply, during cash-in-transit (CIT) collections and deliveries, to cash processing and all the way through to the settlements process.

This accurate and trusted means to track cash in an end to end cash cycle, improves efficiencies such as cash flow and streamlines every stage in the cash logistics process.

An invaluable spin-off is that safety and security around cash handling is greatly enhanced, which provides retailers and their staff the peace of mind they need – a safe environment to handle their cash with world-class technology and business practices.

Electronic Safes (Device):

iziCash is the only cash management-and logistics company in South Africa that is an accredited vendor for the majority of the Electronic Safe (Device) solutions in South Africa.

With these well-known and established solutions-based companies in South Africa, iziCash can assist with tailor-made cash management solutions that will be the best fit for your business.