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Cash Supply

Cash Supply

Izicash Cash Solutions can supply cash, either notes or coins, within 24 hours after being ordered. This cash can be used for paying of vendors / customers or small change need for cashiers. The cash must be ordered and paid for 24 hours before the expected date of delivery. Payment for cash can be done via EFT or swop out i.e. cash for cash.

Payroll Management

Izicash Cash Solutions can supply cash for the wages, pack wages according to customer’s specifications and pay out these wages. Customer will provide Izicash with beneficiary detail that will include wages to be paid per member (note denomination can be specified as well). The total amount needed for the payroll will paid to Izicash 24 hours before the delivery and pay out. Izicash will pack the cash per beneficiary and deliver payroll as specified by customer. Izicash can also assist with the paying out of the payroll to the employees.

Payroll Managment
ATM Services Izikathi

ATM Services

Izicash Cash Solutions can provide Top-Up ATM and Canister Swop ATM Services to Banks and in depended ATM Companies. Izicash can also supply the cash for the replenishment if required. ATM’s will be swopped and balanced per customer’s requirement and specified.


Izicash Cash Solutions provide Insurance options to its customers for the cash whilst on your premises (in your safe, till or electronic device), whilst the cash is in-transit and for any possible pilfering.  This is done through Izicash Insurance Brokers (FSP 46360) that is an Authorised Financial Service Provider.

Cash on Site Insurance

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