Albert Erasmus - Izicash - Cash in Transit (CIT)
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Albert Erasmus

Albert Erasmus Izikathi Director

From a Captain in the SA Defence Force, Mr. Albert Erasmus joined a private security company, Coin Security Group in 1996. He was quickly identified as a leader and worked through the management structures and was quickly promoted as the Operations Director and later the Managing Director for the Assets-In-Transit Division.


His talent in the security-and cash industry was identified by a head hunter and he was appointed first as Managing Director for G4S Cash Solutions in South Africa and later promoted to the CEO of G4S South-Africa and Lesotho, overseeing all G4S Cash and Security Operations.


Mr Erasmus has taken a new role in Izicash Cash Solutions as the Managing Director and as a shareholder,  bringing 20 years’ experience developing Izicash to one of the best cash-in- transit companies in South Africa